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Professional Screen Printing for Apparel, Merchandise, and More in London

A very popular method for producing personalized garments, screen printing produces excellent quality, long-lasting results

Screen printing is the art of recreating an image by forcing ink through a specially created mesh (the screen). Multi coloured designs require multiple screens, where each screen reproduces a single colour in turn to build up the complete image.
It’s better suited to artwork with spot colours as opposed to photographs or full colour prints with gradients. A separate screen is required for each colour in the design, so, the fewer colours in your design, the less it costs to print. When printing onto coloured garments a base layer is required to ensure the print is bright and vibrant.


Cost-effective, Vibrant Prints

For larger orders or where overall quality is paramount, there are very few alternatives that can compete with the results a screen print gives.

Screen printing is often the best solution if your design has minimal colour combinations, and can work on a range of different print materials: textiles, signs and banners, even glass, wood, and electronics.



Screen printing is a cost-efficient method of printing short runs of t-shirts



We love sorting out sports kit from grass-roots to the pros

How we screen print on silk fabric


We can transform any design work submitted into beautifully patterned printed silk using screen printing, on a fabric of your choice.

Customised Society Clothing


Designs are etched on high precision mesh (maximum repeat size 150cm) or rotary drums (maximum repeat size 64cm).


Designs are then printed using traditional techniques, with our very own in-house produced colors and dyes.

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